The last eight months

 A LOT has happened since the last time I posted!  Here is the run down of life in the Nygren house according to my iPhone since February of this year.

February- We found out that after seven months of trying that we were having a baby.  Our lives definitely changed when I pee'd on that very expensive stick on February 10.  Lane had no idea that there was even a chance that I could be pregnant.  When I came out of the bathroom, stick in hand I told him I was pregnant and we both laughed hysterically.  Then he made me drink a bunch more water and take another one just to be sure, we just didn't want to get too excited.  Three regular tests, one digital test and $20 later it was a for sure thing, we were having a baby.

I also watched these little nuggets for the weekend.  It was right after I found out I was pregnant and I hadn't told anyone but my mom.  I tried to share a bed with Ana which resulted in her kicking me in the stomach every night and left me a stressing that my pea size child would be left permanently brain damaged.  I'm sure the extra 10 pounds of padding in the stomach region left it nice and "cushioned."

March- We got to take a little peek at our sweet little blob.  Here he is at eight weeks.  Now isn't that the sweetest little mark you've ever seen?  I thought so too!  A due date was also confirmed, this little nug would be joining our family, October 13.

We also went snowmobiling with my family.  My little brother dumped my 7 month pregnant sister in the snow and the snowmobile landed on her.  It sounds a lot scarier than it was, she and baby were both fine.

April - Apparently we were not alive in April because the only photo I have is me and Lane at the Camp Kastopoulus fundraiser dinner.  We try to go to this dinner every year.  Every year we pretend like we have lots of money and bid during the silent auction but always end up losing because someone else decided that $1,000 is a much more appropriate bid for a Hawaiian vacation than the $50 we bid.  We also started to tell people that it was true, we had made a major jump into adulthood by bringing a wee one into the world.

May - We had a baby shower for Kyra.  I went on a girls trip to St. George while our husband's tumbled down mountains in the dark.  Lane and his friend Casey were the victims to the fall, unfortunately I have no photos of their gracious fall.  No one was injured which is why I can poke fun now!  We celebrated our two year anniversary, yah go us!  We found out that our little blob had a head, arms, legs, a face and a weiner!  It's a boy!  We were both super stoked.  We both had a feeling it was a boy but didn't want to say anything just in case it was a girl.  That would have definitely gone against our parental instincts!  And our boy was not shy about showing us his goods.  After seeing the photo, Lane  proclaimed, "that's my boy!" to which I responded "oh no honey that's not it, that's his leg.  Way to be ambitious!"

June - Went to Lake Powell, celebrated my birthday, hit the halfway mark in my pregnancy, welcomed baby Kingston, found and bought a duplex, and went to Zermatt.  June was very productive for us.

July - Again we were non-existant by ways of my iPhone photos.  I know we celebrated the 4th of July by going to the Sidewalk of Fire at the our friends the Busath's to which I climbed up on the roof to watch the fireworks.  Note to self: getting on the roof was the easy part.  Getting off the roof 28 weeks pregnant not as easy.

August - We moved into one side of our duplex, I ripped a part the babies room and started with a remodel, my brothers stayed the weekend with us, Lane and I went camping in Duschene, a big feat for me considering I'm not a big fan of the mountainous outdoors.

September - Finally finished the baby's room, went on a babymoon to Vegas, my friends threw me an amazing baby shower and  just tried to get ready for the baby to come.

October- This month has been an incredible journey and it definitely needs its own post.  More to come.

If you made it to the end of this post then you're a real champ.  You can probably tell that I too got bored as I was writing this which is why by the end of the post there are more photos and less words.  This just enables me to think less!  Also don't judge me, I usually proofread these things before I post them but it's 1:45 in the morning and my eyes are getting sleepy!


Bueller, Bueller

So from the title you may have guessed that I haven't posted in a while. I know, you have all been anxiously awaiting my return.

Well you're welcome, I'm back from my 3 month hiatus!!! Hallelujah!!!! So yet again, I must catch up on December and January.

December we celebrated Christmas. I got these amazing boots from my ever-so-loving husband. Aren't they adore?
He did good. It's ok that I picked them out and put them on hold under his name right? I have to admit that I'm a horrible gift receiver and he didn't want to see the look of disappointment on my face. This way it was a fail proof plan. My mom got us an awesome snowmobiling trip (which on a side note I hate the winter but love snowmobiling), Lane's parents gave us money which purchased some oh so fabulous clothes and my dad gave me money which were used again to buy some much needed work clothes.

We did our friend birthday/Christmas exchange which was amazeballs as usual. If any of you need the time I've got it. Thanks to Em. I also got some earrings, an awesome Pinterest scarf and a watch.

On a side note, how much does everyone love Pinterest? It's seriously addicting. I find myself shopping for my next outfit until I realized the shoes that I just have to have are $593. Yeah, not gonna happen. But look what I found instead, and for only $16. Thank you Amazon. And thank you Pinterest for inspiring my new wardrobe. Check out all the outfits that one day I'll have the money to buy!


We went on a trip

I apparently have slipped into my bad habits again. It's been weeks since I've blogged. So without further ado here is an update of the last three weeks.

In no particular order:

- We reached our 40,000 diaper donation goal. That felt amazing!

- Had a super successful NICU unveiling event. This was the biggest project I've worked on thus far and was very happy with the turnout.

- We went on an amazing vacation with our friend's the Busath's. More to come on this. We went to Disneyland people! It definitely deserves its own post.

I can't remember the last month so I rely on my iPhone to tell me what we did. Sad? I think so!

- I beat Jaclyn in the No Junk Food challenge. She lasted a week. In fact, that fool still owes me dinner!

- We celebrated Lara Grace Winn Thorn and Emily Ann Lott Murano's birthdays.

- We had a wedding. Well we didn't but Emily did. And that was more than three weeks ago but I don't think I posted about it. The sensual six have now been conquered! Did I just say sensual? Pretty sure we have never referred to ourselves as that before.

Moving on.

- We had Friendsgiving. And no I didn't make that word up, the Busath's did. We had an amazingly awesome night surround by 25 of our closest SLC friends and we each went around the table and said what we were thankful. Naturally Lane said he was most grateful for me and then I cried gracefully. Err something like that.

- We were parents for a few days to three ridiculously adorable children, I really could just eat them up. They are the most well-behaved kids but the night they left Lane and I slept like babies!

- I did the flowers for my friend's wedding. They turned out amazing if I do say so myself. Another post to come because I feel like praising myself. Kidding. Well kind of.

- I've been such a Mormon mom lately and I've been doing a lot of sewing and crafting. I'm feeling pretty good about it. I got the urge to redo our bedroom and I started by sewing a new comforter for our bed. I'll post pictures when I complete my project.

- And, I got a butt implant.

Ok obviously that's not me, I don't have tattoos, duh. But for real this girl injected her own butt with a mixture of super glue, tire sealant and cement. All I can say is DAMN, that ain't right. I can't get over this. I mean has she never heard of chocolate? It works for me!

In a slight ADD moment, I've been watching a lot of Private Practice lately and I've decided I would like to move to California, be a doctor, live in a beach house and have a Southern accent. Am I setting the bar too high?

I think I set the bar too high the moment I started writing this novel hoping you would make it to the end.

Ta ta and Happy Thanksgiving blerggers!


Babies and Diapers.....

This post is not what you might think!  I have the privilege of working with an amazing organization that gives back to the community.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I've been really excited to be a part of the planning team for the NICU expansion at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

In preparation and celebration for the new opening we are hosting a diaper drive.  For all you parents out there, you know how expensive diapers can be.  Now imagine you have to choose between feeding your baby and changing their diaper.  All too often parents have to experience this agonizing decision everyday.  This is why we want to do our part to donate to those who are need.
But in order to donate we need everyone to help!.  How you may ask?  Well let me tell you.  All you need to do is click on the monkey baby above or visit our Facebook page and click donate.  Yes.  It's that easy. Each time you hit donate, you've help Timpanogos Regional donate a day's worth of diapers to families who are in need.

So remember you're not just helping me out but you're helping the cutesy babies.  And honestly, who doesn't want to help them?!  Pass this along to anyone and everyone that you may know.

I promise if you donate I'll send good juju your way!!


Jade goes through the stages

If you're a Modern Family enthusiast you'll understand the title of my post. My current sugar challenge makes me feel like Cameron. In fact, I'm pretty sure I almost ripped a cabinet door of its hinges today! I'm starting to think that this challenge is detrimental to my marriage! Click here to see Cameron's stages.
Cameron is my inspiration.  I hope to look like him one day soon! :)


Two men...

It's not what you think so you can just hang up the phone!  There are two men in my life that I absolutely adore.  I mean I can't get enough of them.  One being my husband of course.  The other is this handsome young man.

My brother Vaughn is one of the best people I know.  Here are a few things that I love about him.

1.  He is absolutely hilarious.
2.  I have yet to meet a child that doesn't absolutely fawn over him and vice versa.
3.  He doesn't let anyone stop him from doing anything.
4.  He is one of the most Christlike people I have ever met.
5.  He loves, loves, loves girls, even married ones.
6.  He loves Lane.  They have this type of relationship where they've ousted me.  In fact, my brother tried to talk me out of my own honeymoon so he could go with Lane.
7.  He ALWAYS has gum.  No.matter.what.

I'm so grateful that I've been blessed with a brother like him.  I thank the Lord that he trusted me enough to be in the presence of what I believe to be, an angel here on this earth.

If you haven't met Vaughn, you should.  He's a real good time.


No junk food challenge

So my friends and I decided we were going to do a no junk food challenge for 21 days. I've included the list so you can see what we can't eat.  We also included fried foods because let's be honest there aren't many things that are better than McDonald's French fries and ketchup.

The majority of the stuff won't be a big deal because I don't eat it any way but my number one and two vice is chocolate and candy.....and I can't have either!!

It's only day one and I've learned that I have:

A. An addictive personality/OCD - I mean honestly who doesn't love a good routine?! My routine just happens to include munching on several pieces of candy throughout the day.

B. I have no self control! Ok I do, but I love me some fall candy!

I'm not sure why we decided to do the challenge during the best time of the year, aka pumpkin cookie/bread/cake/delicious time!

Oh well.  And just so you know what's up for grabs, loser has to buy the winners dinner. And being that I'm poor I really can't afford to lose!

I'll keep everyone posted. Please do not judge me if I taunt my fellow competitors, one of them is a freaking steel trap. I must break him!