Babies and Diapers.....

This post is not what you might think!  I have the privilege of working with an amazing organization that gives back to the community.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I've been really excited to be a part of the planning team for the NICU expansion at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

In preparation and celebration for the new opening we are hosting a diaper drive.  For all you parents out there, you know how expensive diapers can be.  Now imagine you have to choose between feeding your baby and changing their diaper.  All too often parents have to experience this agonizing decision everyday.  This is why we want to do our part to donate to those who are need.
But in order to donate we need everyone to help!.  How you may ask?  Well let me tell you.  All you need to do is click on the monkey baby above or visit our Facebook page and click donate.  Yes.  It's that easy. Each time you hit donate, you've help Timpanogos Regional donate a day's worth of diapers to families who are in need.

So remember you're not just helping me out but you're helping the cutesy babies.  And honestly, who doesn't want to help them?!  Pass this along to anyone and everyone that you may know.

I promise if you donate I'll send good juju your way!!

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