No junk food challenge

So my friends and I decided we were going to do a no junk food challenge for 21 days. I've included the list so you can see what we can't eat.  We also included fried foods because let's be honest there aren't many things that are better than McDonald's French fries and ketchup.

The majority of the stuff won't be a big deal because I don't eat it any way but my number one and two vice is chocolate and candy.....and I can't have either!!

It's only day one and I've learned that I have:

A. An addictive personality/OCD - I mean honestly who doesn't love a good routine?! My routine just happens to include munching on several pieces of candy throughout the day.

B. I have no self control! Ok I do, but I love me some fall candy!

I'm not sure why we decided to do the challenge during the best time of the year, aka pumpkin cookie/bread/cake/delicious time!

Oh well.  And just so you know what's up for grabs, loser has to buy the winners dinner. And being that I'm poor I really can't afford to lose!

I'll keep everyone posted. Please do not judge me if I taunt my fellow competitors, one of them is a freaking steel trap. I must break him!


  1. So now would be a bad time to say let's go on a double date for ice cream or something, heehee!! Good for you, I should do something like this!!

  2. Tiffany, your timing couldn't be worse!