The last eight months

 A LOT has happened since the last time I posted!  Here is the run down of life in the Nygren house according to my iPhone since February of this year.

February- We found out that after seven months of trying that we were having a baby.  Our lives definitely changed when I pee'd on that very expensive stick on February 10.  Lane had no idea that there was even a chance that I could be pregnant.  When I came out of the bathroom, stick in hand I told him I was pregnant and we both laughed hysterically.  Then he made me drink a bunch more water and take another one just to be sure, we just didn't want to get too excited.  Three regular tests, one digital test and $20 later it was a for sure thing, we were having a baby.

I also watched these little nuggets for the weekend.  It was right after I found out I was pregnant and I hadn't told anyone but my mom.  I tried to share a bed with Ana which resulted in her kicking me in the stomach every night and left me a stressing that my pea size child would be left permanently brain damaged.  I'm sure the extra 10 pounds of padding in the stomach region left it nice and "cushioned."

March- We got to take a little peek at our sweet little blob.  Here he is at eight weeks.  Now isn't that the sweetest little mark you've ever seen?  I thought so too!  A due date was also confirmed, this little nug would be joining our family, October 13.

We also went snowmobiling with my family.  My little brother dumped my 7 month pregnant sister in the snow and the snowmobile landed on her.  It sounds a lot scarier than it was, she and baby were both fine.

April - Apparently we were not alive in April because the only photo I have is me and Lane at the Camp Kastopoulus fundraiser dinner.  We try to go to this dinner every year.  Every year we pretend like we have lots of money and bid during the silent auction but always end up losing because someone else decided that $1,000 is a much more appropriate bid for a Hawaiian vacation than the $50 we bid.  We also started to tell people that it was true, we had made a major jump into adulthood by bringing a wee one into the world.

May - We had a baby shower for Kyra.  I went on a girls trip to St. George while our husband's tumbled down mountains in the dark.  Lane and his friend Casey were the victims to the fall, unfortunately I have no photos of their gracious fall.  No one was injured which is why I can poke fun now!  We celebrated our two year anniversary, yah go us!  We found out that our little blob had a head, arms, legs, a face and a weiner!  It's a boy!  We were both super stoked.  We both had a feeling it was a boy but didn't want to say anything just in case it was a girl.  That would have definitely gone against our parental instincts!  And our boy was not shy about showing us his goods.  After seeing the photo, Lane  proclaimed, "that's my boy!" to which I responded "oh no honey that's not it, that's his leg.  Way to be ambitious!"

June - Went to Lake Powell, celebrated my birthday, hit the halfway mark in my pregnancy, welcomed baby Kingston, found and bought a duplex, and went to Zermatt.  June was very productive for us.

July - Again we were non-existant by ways of my iPhone photos.  I know we celebrated the 4th of July by going to the Sidewalk of Fire at the our friends the Busath's to which I climbed up on the roof to watch the fireworks.  Note to self: getting on the roof was the easy part.  Getting off the roof 28 weeks pregnant not as easy.

August - We moved into one side of our duplex, I ripped a part the babies room and started with a remodel, my brothers stayed the weekend with us, Lane and I went camping in Duschene, a big feat for me considering I'm not a big fan of the mountainous outdoors.

September - Finally finished the baby's room, went on a babymoon to Vegas, my friends threw me an amazing baby shower and  just tried to get ready for the baby to come.

October- This month has been an incredible journey and it definitely needs its own post.  More to come.

If you made it to the end of this post then you're a real champ.  You can probably tell that I too got bored as I was writing this which is why by the end of the post there are more photos and less words.  This just enables me to think less!  Also don't judge me, I usually proofread these things before I post them but it's 1:45 in the morning and my eyes are getting sleepy!


  1. Nice cliff hanger Jade!! ;) You could have at least posted a picture of baby!!! I am anxiously awaiting the October blog! ♥

    Thanks for you humor.... you had me laughing several times :)

  2. Hey Miss Jadey! Yes, I am out of the loop. I just found out that you weren't coming back to work. I am so glad for you and will try to get over my feelings of abandonment!!! Seriously though, you will be missed and I wish you and your beautiful family the very best! Thanks so much for everything!

    Karen Hall