The Great Debate

After much inner turmoil and debate with myself I have decided to blog again. It has been more than five months since I wrote my first chapter in The Chronicles of Newlygrens. There are several reasons as to why I haven't picked up one of the three keyboards that reside in my house and they are as follows:
A. I have neglected this blog due to my constant perusing of other blogs and realizing that my life is far less exciting than the "Mormon Mommy Bloggers." More of this in the closing comments of this post.

B. I love Facebook. In fact, I am obsessed. Who is obsessed with Facebook honestly? When I say obsessed I mean I have the iPhone app and when it stopped working I had a momentary freak out, it is the most frequently visited website on my iMac, it is easily accessible on my laptop and I reload the News Feed usually every hour.

One word, pathetic. But, there is something to be said about silently stalking other people whom you may, or may not have EVER spoken too. I have made mention of this in similar posts both here and here.

C. I have recently been consumed by Netflix. Best $8.95 I spend each month. In the past few weeks I have completed all three seasons of Lie to Me, three seasons of Prison Break and I'm currently half way through the fourth season. I watched the first season in two days. I dutifully hang my head low when I make mention of such nonsense.

However, I have made a few New Year's Resolution of which I will share the most important, (next to relinquishing the noose that student loans have placed around my neck), I have committed to blog more often. I think I've already forgotten half of the fun things that Lane and I have shared in the last eight months of our wedded bliss and now the next eight will not be committed to my feeble memory but documented for the world, or just the few people who read this blog, to see.

In closing, I have no photos of cute children, trendy new clothes, photos of my husband that is in law, med or dental school, or the ivy league college that he graduated with his bachelor's degree from. Nor do I have any photos of cute pet, my cool oober upper East side apartment or my big city adventure but I do have these....enjoy.

Photos of my sister's adorable children. Reina is missing but for your viewing pleasure an official SWAT Agent Lavulavu and Ana baby.

I traded big city adventures for a cold winter walk up City Creek Canyon with this little Ewok.
No my husband hasn't attended an Ivy League school but who needs Ivy League education when you have natural charisma and near deathly good looks?!

And no I didn't get a puppy but I have been blessed to watch this little fella for the past month. He will soon be taken back my his rightful owners and I will be in mourning for at least one day. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Until next time my little flogging bloggettes.


  1. glad to see you back!! having and doing nothing cool is partly why i don't blog anymore!

  2. sounds similar to the reasons I rarely blog! But I love reading yours muffin you are hilar

  3. Oh hello Jade so happy to see you in the blogging world. Can't wait to stalk your life...please post daily so I can be informed on every aspect for my enjoyment.