Canceled and Soul Sisters

I should be typing an assignment that was due in my last class but I didn't do it. I napped instead. I skipped institute and went to Lane's house and while be was being productive of some sorts, I curled up in his bed and fell asleep. I told him that I had to leave by 11:30 (yes I was napping at 10:45 don't judge me) and he didn't wake me up. Oh and I was late for class which means I didn't do my homework which means that I should be doing it now but I'm not. Shoot me.

Oh and I should be in class right now but it's canceled. For the fourth time in a row. We've only had class twice in six weeks and I missed one of them. Stupid University of Utah. Stupid professor who makes up lame excuses as to why she can't be in class. She did have a good one though, her dad died. God bless him, if she didn't lie about that too.

A few posts back I mentioned a fellow blogger of whom I stalk and how I think we would be really good friends. And I may or may not have mentioned that we had an awkward run-in once and she probably didn't know me but I knew a lot about her. Well we should be soul sisters, I'm fairly certain. I read her blog today and laughed naturally because she is funny like me, any who her husband does this certain randomly odd thing that me and Lane do. I even have it recorded. WTF? I'd comment on her blog but that may be weird so for now I will just hold our soul sister secret.

I just re-read that last paragraph and I sound creepy but oh well I'm over it.

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