Birthdays, Engagement, Christmas, New Years, and more!

Well we have just been busy little bees around these parts. A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks and now I will do my best to document said events. Starting from the beginning since it was last decade that I posted. Bahaha.

Lane turned the big 25, a quarter of a century, two and half decades, and I made sure that he didn't forget it. Every year I try to do something fun and different for his birthday and this year it was the 12 days of birthday. I know I'm a good girlfriend/fiance. For the sixth day of birthday he got a little note that went something like this.

On the 6th day of birthday my true love gave to me, 6 friends at dinner.

It really makes more sense when you hear the whole song that was so creatively put together by yours truly. We went to the Bombay house and ate ourselves sick. Also I found out some very exciting news our friends theCramer's are having a yittle babe! I was the last to find out. Any of you who know me well know that I hate being the last to find out things. In fact I'm never the last to find out things. Even Lane knew. WTF? Any who congrats to our friends, their child will be beautiful and I will ootle it and then give him ( I think it's a boy) back because I don't want one for another, oh I don't know, 15 years. Yes that sounds perfect.

We also decorated for Christmas....on a limited budget. Who the freak knew Christmas decor was so expensive? Oh right, corporate America. I succumbed to their non-frugal ways and spent a pretty penny on that tree. That's right ladies and gents a big whopping $20. Thank you Big Lots. Decorations were courtesy of Big Lots, Michaels, and Robert's Craft all 50% off. Yes I am amazing. Lane also got the fireplace working that night, it almost started to feel like a real home, that is until I looked around and realized we have Christmas decorations and no furniture. Yes I've lived here since July...don't judge me. Christmas is important.

We went to many a Christmas party, this actually happened to be one of my favorites. This was the show stopping performance by J Lo who is now up for a Grammy for her rendition of, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

And the most exciting part of the holidays was....we got ENGAGED!!! Yah! No pulling your leg, no April Fool's joke, no crying wolf this time it's legit!! Here is the brief version of the story.
Lane came to my house.
He proposed.
The End.
I told you it was brief. Bahahaha I'm so funny, and yes I just laughed at my own joke.

So he came over one night because he told me he had to practice his magic. For those of you who don't know Lane is like a Swiss Army knife, he has all these different random talents and when you don't think you can use it, they pull through just at the right time. I'd like to compare Lane's magical abilities to the windy corkscrew thing, it came in handy at the right time. Carrying on, he came over with his magic get up because he told me that he got tricked into doing a magic show for his dad's work. I love magic so I was excited to watch. He did a few card tricks which came along with some magic banter which I found hilarious.

Now onto the finale, for his big trick he had music set up in my room. He told me to turn it all became a part of the ambiance. After I turned it on and came out he started his trick. He showed me this diamond band and I first I got excited because I thought maybe tonight was the night we would get engaged, but he was too calm, no shaky voice, no clammy hands, nothin. So he let me inspect the ring and took it from me and made it float. He also made it spin and then told me to stick my hand out, to be funny I stuck out my right hand because I thought I'd show him. It didn't phase him, he told me the other hand and I stuck it out and he floated the ring onto my finger! Sweet, I was waiting for the grand proposal, the I love you's, the you're the best thing that's happened to me, be my wife. Nothin. He's cool as a cucumber.

Him: "that doesn't fit does it?"
Me: (a little irritated, thinking this is not a funny joke) nope it doesn't
Him: Ok take it off I have a trick to make it smaller.

He takes the ring from me wraps something around it and tells me to light my wand (he had given me a lighter and made me pretend it was my magic wand. I was all too excited to wave it around. And yes I'm 24 and intrigued my mind games) So I lit my wand and he floated the diamond band onto the fire and BOOM! a huge flame, a loud bang, and I'm completely stunned. I'm so taken back that there was a huge burst of fire in my house that I don't realize he is on his knee with my real ring!!!! Then he asked me to marry him, it was like it was right out of a movie. I was at a loss for words. I didn't even say yes, I was just sobbing like a 2 year old who's candy has been taken from them, and was hugging him. The next words out of my mouth were, "did I even say yes?" His response, "um no." Then we continued that with a dance in the kitchen. A little tradition I hope to continue years into our marriage.

So that's it folks. I'm a taken woman! We are getting married on Wednesday May 12 in the Salt Lake Temple, 11:40 am. to be precise. And we will be having the most kick A wedding bash the following day. I'm so grateful to finally make this official and I'm even more grateful to know that I'm going to be married to my most perfect match. He really is the best and I thank the Lord everyday for him. I rarely get sappy but I couldn't imagine a better man for me.

If you've gotten to this point of the post, God bless you all and thanks for caring to read. I will keep you posted on all things Nygren and wedding. I'll even make sure to insert disagreements about wedding planning with the mothers, really anything Bridezilla-ish. I love you all.


  1. oh for cute! I just love it ! so exciteD!

  2. Congratulations Jade! What a clever way to propose! I'm so impressed by his magic skills... Your ring looks BEAUTIFUL! I think you should post a better pic of it so we all can oogle over it:) Good luck with all the planning, it's alot of work, but soo worth it!!!

  3. YEAHHH! Okay, I already celebrated when you texted me way back when it happened:) I feel so special. But I get all warm and fuzzy thinking of you taken! Finally a match made in heaven. Cut out the cheese Laura, right? Oh and did you get my address??

  4. Yes I did get your address Laura, and yes you are quite the cheeseball! :)

  5. you are just growing up right before my eyes. can't wait to weigh three hundred pounds at you wedding :)

  6. love you j...can't wait for the recep. and yes, i will smuggle in my adult beverages.