Last night went tried to go down to Orem for a lovely night of softball. Little did I know that BYU and Utah State were playing some sort of a game, I think it's called football and the traffic was horrendous! We made it to the point of the mountain and decided to turn back because the usual 15 minute drive had already turned into 40 minutes and we were no where near the fields. Instead, the man and I decided to take a little jaunt over to IKEA and walk around. As we sat down for dinner with our delicious Swedish meatball and marinara pasta the following conversation ensued...

I look up and Lane is staring at me. Lately he's been doing this and the words that usually come out of his mouth shortly after the awkward, creepy staring are, "I love you," "You're so beautiful,"or "I'm so excited for us to get married," something sweet and along those lines so I was expecting the same thing tonight, but boy did he throw a wrench in that plan.

Lane: You're hair is shiny
Me: Thank You?
Lane: It's not a bad thing I like it. It's shiny and wirey, kind of like a dog.
Me: Wow, thank you, you're so nice. What a compliment.
Lane: No it's a good thing, it's shiny and wirey, it reminds me of Christmas tinsel.

So sweet, what did I do to deserved him? I mean honestly who doesn't want to be compared to a man's best friend and a decoration that adorns a dead tree?

Men may not be the brightest lightbulb, the sharpest knife in the drawer, the best tool in the toolbox (I think that analogy is a little off but oh well), but you have to love their effort. I sure do love his.


  1. Oh I can picture your beautiful wavy hair that he's talking about, I was always jealous that you could come to work with straight hair one day and beautiful curly hair the next day. So...am I missing something? Are you getting married soon?

  2. bahahah! THat is just hilarious. He really thinks the world of you, that much is clear, and that's what is important. Even if sometimes men in general just don't get "it"!

  3. I know I swear they're a little slow on the uptake!