Adventures of the Newlygrens...

After much time I have decided that this blog is going to facilitate the Nygren's first year. The whole blog won't be dedicated to it but the, 'Adventures of the Newlygrens' will begin today.

I have thought a lot about the different things that I have learned and the funny stories that I don't want to forget about in five years from now or with the way my mind works in five weeks from now.

So allow me to begin...
Adventures of the Newlygrens: What Everyone Forgets to Tell You

In the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, being engaged and getting married there are a million things people forget to tell you. It seems that everyone has an idea about the wedding colors, the food and the music but no one tells you what its like to move in with a boy.

Holy crap!!! I swear we moved Lane's stuff for 18 days after we got married! There wasn't a time we time we didn't leave our house without an arm full or a come home without an arm full.

Lane has soooo much stuff. I'm pretty sure we moved 6 heavy boxes of books alone, the kid can freaking read. Except when I asked him about how many books he had actually finished he seemed to skip over the answer. I blame it all on the A.D.D. So if anyone has a need for anything to do with financial planning or the corruption of the government come over to our house, we have a plethora for you to choose from.

Speaking of financial planning, no one tells you how hard it is to join bank accounts and how your money isn't your money anymore.

I'm pretty sure that we overdrew our joint account like 10 times. At one point I had three checking accounts and so did Lane. We quickly came to find out that its not good to use the joint account without telling the other even if it's for a great cause like an awesome new outfit. Lane did not agree with that one. Any who the moral of the story is start using your joint checking before you get married and get used to it, it will save a lot of headaches.

Never fear we figured it out and all is well. Lane has to keep a separate account for his corporation and all his paychecks go into it. Since he makes way more money than my measly $9 an hour job he just puts money in our account. He's like my sugar daddy. When I run out of money I'm like a teenager asking her father for money, it's quite hilarious.

Plus we worked out a phenomenal bill paying system. Since he makes more money he pays the big bills like the rent and cable and I pay the smaller bills like the utility and food, it really works out great considering my portion is like $250, I don't think he's quite figured that out yet which means I will keep it on the DL and just post it for millions of people to see, hmmm.....

That's it for now. I have tons of hilarious stories but those will come in a different chapter of our story.

God speed my little blog birdies.

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  1. pretty sure it's only been a couple months since I closed my personal checking/savings account and put it into tim's. It was pretty nice because what's mine what mine and his was ours:) I guess we're official now though.. just two years into the marriage. Ahhh.. good times;)