Holding True

I'm holding true to promise to blog more often. That being said I have some very exciting news that I would love to share with the blogging community.

No I'm not pregnant but yes, I did complete Prison Break! As my husband slept all alone in our bedroom I headed over to the spare room, grabbed my blanket and sat in my favorite chair and bared down for the long night ahead, I was bound to face the one thing that has been controlling my life for the past month.

As the show came to an end I shed a few tears. A few tears for Michael, he could finally rest and a few tears for me, that I was finally done. 82 episodes, 61 hours and 6,600 minutes later I too was free.

I know what you are thinking, my gosh that girl could have put herself to some good use making crafts, sewing, becoming an amateur photographer and all other things Mormon mommy except I'm not a mom so let's say all things Mormon blogger? Any who... I chose to be a couch potato for 6,600 minutes and in retrospect would do it all over again if given the chance :)

Please do not judge me, Scoffield, Sarah, Mahone and the Fox River 8 found a true place in my heart and I had to see it through to the end.

In other news......
I went to Costco the other day and only spent $10 well, $10.66. I was quite proud of myself considering last time Lane and I went to Costco we spent $150 and came out three items.

Until next time my wee blugglers....
(Recently I've been thinking a lot about Harry Potter. Again please hold the judgements.)

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