I'm fairly certain that my life would be unusually boring it if weren't for the five ladies photographed above. We have a long history of friendship and as I reflect back on the amount of tears of laughter that have been the result of countless nights together I can't help but feel like my friends are the.best.

We often refer to ourselves as teen brides or teen moms because when we all get together we are 16-year-olds in grown up, adult bodies.

I dedicate this post to them....
1. The Trailblazer AKA Lori Peterson further known as Lori Wood. If it weren't for Lori I wouldn't have moved to Salt Lake, I wouldn't have met the man of my heart's affection and I would probably still be stuck in some nasty college apartment in Provo (Raintree I loathe you.)

2. Me AKA Jade Silva, now known as Jade Nygren of whose blog you peruse.

3. The Blunt One AKA Kellee Messmer. Kellee gives it to you straight, no matter what, yet she always does it in a loving caring way. I admire that about her. Plus she has the most uber cute boys that you can see here.

4. The Silent Observer AKA Emily AKA Lott. This chick is one of the MOST hilarious people I have ever met. She portrays herself as a young, innocent person but don't let those eyes fool you, she can kick it with the best of em....haha get it... Em. Ok moving forward.

5. The Humorous One AKA Jaclyn Gunter. This gal is probably the funniest person I EVER have met. nuff said. She's hilarious even when she's not trying to be. Also with an adorable child. I would put her blog on here but she NEVER updates. Take that for a silent hint.

6. The Positive One AKA Lara Thorn. One of the best people I've ever met. She is always so nice and is always looking for the silver lining in things.

I'm not in the humorous mood more just filled with gratitude that I have been blessed with some of the best women in the world.


  1. I sure do love my seester, and all her cutesy friends.

  2. um I'm pretty sure you could NOT have found a more hideous picture of me so good job on that! how's that for positive for ya?! Also there is no mention of MY cute child, how come you don't love him?! THirdly, I get no credit for making you move to nasty Raintree in the first place?! Sorry it's not SLC but memories were made Jade, memories were made! Also, I love you Muffin. You make me giggle with delight. This post brought a tear to my eye and a warmth to my heart.THE END>

  3. The more I think about it the more I am offended Stockton was the only child not mentioned. I think you need a whole post dedicated to him.

  4. still this post was so cute. we are all very blessed to have you!!

  5. Thank you Lara for your four posts.... Thanks Jade that was fun to read!! love ya girl