A Tribute to My Mother

I feel so overwhelmed and blessed to have a mother like I do. I have the belief that God allowed us to choose who we would spend our time with here on Earth and I am so grateful that my mom chose me to be one of her three daughters. My mother is a phenomenal example of a woman and a mother.

Reasons I want to be like my mom:
1. She is one of the most kind and giving people I have ever met. She gives people the benefit of the doubt, almost to a fault. What I mean is, she sees the good in people that they may not even see in themselves.

2. She loves unconditionally. She loves those close and those far regardless of where they may be in their life. She is a shining example.

3. She successfully graduated with her Master's degree with four children, definitely beating the odds of most women.

4. She has aged gracefully. I mean look at this woman! Would you believe that she is 51? She is super active playing softball, basketball and volleyball. Coming from someone who has played against her this woman has some killer defense, she put new meaning to the booty bump. She jogs or as she would put it, slogs (a slow jog.) There are people half her age that don't/can't do what she does.

5. She is funny and fun to be around. Every time I'm at my mom's she makes me laugh. Whether it be her funny stories or her jokes that she struggles to tell (she usually forgets the punch line or laughs before she finishes the joke) I always find myself leaving her house happier than I came.

6. She is a self-made business woman. She has been running her own practice for quite some time now and I can't think of the last time I heard her say that she was slow, everyone wants to be counseled by her.

7. She has been a lifesaver. Literally a life saver. I dare say there are hundreds of people that have crossed my mom's path whether it was through her business life or personal life that she has helped them find a reason to live. It may have been through her example or encouraging advice that lifted them from what may be the lowest points in their life and shown them all the good they have to live for amidst the bad. I feel fortunate to call myself one of those hundreds.

I could go on and on but those are seven reasons, not the only seven, not the top seven, but just few of the reasons that my mom is wonderful. Happy Mother's Day Mom, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I hope that as I grow older that I can be more and more like you. Thank you for the 25 years that you've been my mom.



  1. that was cute Jade! Someday you will be a great mom like your mom too! You will you will

  2. Jade that was so nice!! Wow, you never know when someone needs to hear that they have done something, will do something, or can do something right. That was so sweet. You kids made my mother's day. I love you to infinity and beyond!!!!

  3. i love your mom and how she says my name. and how she puts babies in baskets.