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So I'm on a weight loss journey. No, I'm not obese but I could stand to lose a few pounds. When I got married I weighed 154 pounds. Just prior to my one year anniversary I weighed a whopping 167.5 pounds. Let me do the math for you, that's 13.5 pound weight gain in just a year! Sick I know. I do blame a birth control for the first few pounds and the first little bit of crazy :) but that little tan pill has been long gone for about three months. Any how I'm trying to lose the weight and I need your help.

I have this new app, my fitness pal and it's super easy to use. You can use it on a smart phone or on the computer and it is literally a whole community of people sharing tips, posting delicious recipes but mostly encouraging people, often times complete strangers to lose them lose the weight.

My mother in law said something to me the other day that really hit me and I've now made it my life's motto, "I'm going to do everything to take care of myself now so that when I'm old others won't have to."

So join me friends on myfitnesspal even, if don't want to lose weight it's a good app to use just to stay healthy.

My name is jadenygren, holler.

This is a discretionary warning, those with a weak stomach should not proceed.

In order to be 100 percent committed to losing this flab I'm posting my before photo.
Yes, this is a face of shame :(

But, I'm determined, I'm committed, and yes I will have a fabulous bikini body this summer!!

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  1. Oh Jade you still look fabulous! I am on a journey to get some muscle tone back as well! So I will def take a look at that site! Thanks girl!