A much needed update

So remember how I said I was going to keep this blog updated? Lies, all lies! Instead I think about things to blog about but realize that instead of exerting the emotional energy to actually write something, I am overcome with guilt and proceed to peruse others blogs.

That being said I have been very busy and here is the update in 90 words or less. Lately I have been sewing giraffes and elephants, making delicious treats, abandoned by my husband for nine days, painting some furniture, burning cds, coming up with gourmet meals that involve sundried tomatoes and avocado (more on that later), teaching little kids, trying new hairstyles involving toeless socks and much more.

Like I said I live a very busy life. In fact, it's so busy that I don't have time to clean and unfortunately my maid is on hiatus.

This is indeed a photo of my of the floor in my spare bedroom. Embarrassed much? I'm far past that. I somehow convinced myself that if I emptied my clean clothes on the floor I'd be much more inclined to fold them. Wrong. I just find myself stepping over them every morning. Oh and in case you were wondering I have two baskets full of clean clothes that are currently testing some detergents guarantee of wrinkle free clothes.

Alright, I get it you think I'm lazy but, for the record, the rest of my house is clean....for the most part.

I think I just motivated myself enough to try and fold one load of laundry. Good night and thanks for reading. I'm sure we'll meet again and if my timing is correct it will be in January!

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