The island of misfit neighbors

This post will have to be chronicled into the lastest chapter of the book of the Newlygrens. Lane and I are coming up on our one year anniversary, can you believe it? We are still adjusting to the married game or should I say I'm adjusting and he's doing a really good job of letting me rant and rave :)

As they say when you get married you enter a new chapter of life and well we are opening anoter new chapter and it's called "Our First Home." Two words, holy hell!! It is so frustrating trying to find something that you like, that's in a good area, big enough for the both of us and any additional family members when the time is right (and no this is not an announcement), and that is priced within reason. As we've started looking I've gathered things that I know I'll miss about our ghetto first apartment, I would like to entitle this list, "The Island of Misfit Neighbors."

The can man. He's my friend. Well that's what I tell Lane. Every morning this sweet man rolls his grocery cart into our parking lot, jumps into our dumpster in search for aluminium cans to recycle. Not only does he make me smile because he's so kind and humble but he makes me feel grateful for everything I have.

The bird guy- There is one thing not many people know and it's that I HATE birds. They freak me out!! You don't know which direction they're going and then BAM, they hit you in the forehead. This isn't a joke people, ask Fabio he understands what I'm talking about. Any who, this guy walks around our neighborhood with his bird on his shoulder, I still trying to figure out if he knows that there is bird poop on him, literally every time I see him.

The drunk guys- They are our across the hall neighbors. Nice guys but constantly drinking and yelling obscenities. I'll tell you what I won't miss, the 80's rock music EVERY Sunday starting at about 8:00 am.

The naked guy- Well he's not always naked but I totally peeped on him, on accident I assure you, and now we have really awkward run-ins.

The bi-polar girl- Sometimes shes nice and other times she pretends she can't see us. I've honestly thought I had earned super invisible powers. Turns out she sees me but just ignores me.

Our little apartment complex just wouldn't be the same without them! I can tell you this much I don't forsee myself shedding any tears for this sweet disfunctional neighborhood. Oh except the can man cause he's my friend.

God speed, Blogbers.

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