We've arrived!

Our engagement photos are back and they are wonderful! I love them. I was super nervous considering I found this chica on KSL, hoped that she wasn't a fraud, prayed that she would know how to work the camera with awkward folk such as ourselves, and these are the final products. I think she did an awesome job regardless of how uncomfortable it probably was for her to work with two weirdos, weirdo #1 me, weirdo #2 the mister.

Lane and I did learn that we are not good looking kissers. The majority of those photos we skipped over because we,
A. are laughing
B. have lost our lips or
C. I'm kissing his chin

It did happen on more than one occasion! Enjoy. Oh and this weekend we are getting our bridal and groomals. So excited! 34 days to go......

Oh and I was posting pics but this thing is having a fit!

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