After 10 days of checking my approximately 23,600 times a day our engagement pictures are here. The lovely Katherine Loveless sent me a few to curb my curiosity, the above picture is one of them.

After 3 weeks of having the same chore of cleaning my room on my to do list, I finally did it. It took me 3 days and then when I stopped getting sidetracked by shiny things or music or blogs it literally took maybe 30 minutes. I think I might have ADD.

After hunting for a damn florist for about 6 weeks, I finally found one. Amanda from Branches Floral Design, you should check her out she's awesome. And her style, impeccable.

After 13 weeks of being engaged we are starting to enter our final stretch!

After 24 years of being an individual I'm about to enter into an eternal companionship.

After about 1 hour of studying this week I'm going to take a law test. Some may say that I'm under-prepared I just say that today I believe in fate!

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