A Celebratory Week!!!

It has been a wild a crazy week! I'm in summer school, boo! However, I did skip my first of many classes this week because Lane came home for a few days. For those of you who don't know Lane started his own business and has been traveling like a mad man! In this last three weeks he's only been home four days therefore leaving me as an orphan to fend for myself. So with his few days home we made the most of it. We went to Park City, ate Red Mango, went shopping, partied like it was 1999, tried watching a movie and failed miserably (we watched about 15 minutes in and crashed like lazy sheep dogs), and went to dinner. Mind you all that this is most I've done all month of May. I'm so grateful for the weather and how warm it is and that we can play outside now! Yah!!! Anywho please enjoy the documentation of the Park City extravaganza!
Waiting in line to get onthe super fast ski lift. If you're not fast it'll get ya. I kidd. I'm pretty sure that a 96 year-old grandma missing and eye, walking with a cane and a prosthetic leg could've made the lift. If you've noticed the large bump on my lip I will get to that story shortly....

Love the color feature on mi camera. Oh and the boy, yeah he's alright too.

Many thanks to Victoria who left the lovely lipstick mark on Lane's shirt. It's ok we fought and I won. Let's just say that we took this shot like four times and the conversation went something like this....
Me: Ok 1, 2, 3, smile. Cute I like that
Lane: Let me see. Ok Jade I can't be smiling with this lipstick thing on my shirt, I've got be sexy. Guys with lipstick on the collar act sexy.
Me: Ok weirdo, act sexy. Ready 1, 2, 3, smile
Lane: Let me see. Yeah I like this one better.

My boyfriend finds pride in his lipstick on the collar and you know, I'm ok with that.

And now the tragedy.....The following picture is a little graphic but you have to see it to know why I'm making a big deal about it.

Gross I know. About a month ago I was eating and I bit my lip and then I bit it again in the same lunch. I was going to rip about my hair and drop the F bomb it hurt so bad. Anyway I just figure that it would go away but it hasn't and now it's affecting my speech and my smile. I went to the doctor yesterday (mind you I don't have health insurance currently). I was at the doctor's office for like 45 minutes and you know what they told me,

"Oh yup that's a dental fibroma due to trauma, we don't take care of those here in this office, you'll have to go see a dentist. Oh and we are still charging you $30 for the 45 minutes you wasted in our office even though we knew at the beginning of this visit we couldn't treat it. Did I mention that to get this bump removed it will be a surgical procedure and you'll need a few stitches? Don't fret though because if you go to the University of Utah dentistry you get 20% of your total bill. Let me warn you though if they feel it's necessary to do a biopsy on the bump that will be an additional $120. So all in all you're looking at a couple hundred dollars, not too bad though right?"
Um I'm sorry did I hear you correctly? A couple hundred dollars because I bit my lip?! Are you effing with me right now? I mean seriously, am I on Punk'd or something? Not too bad?! Lady, I'm unemployed a couple hundred dollars is a big deal! But lo and behold I've got good friends and family and the wonderful Kenny Maughan is saving my lip for cheaper and without the stitches. Muchas gracias to you Kenny.

Anywho, last night we celebrate Kellee's 25 birthday! It's her birthday today so Happy B-Day Kell! We went to P.F. Chang's for dinner and it was delish to say the least. Here are some of the pics from the festivities.

Lori and I were wearing the same dress please don't judge.
All in all it was a fantastic week full of fun and excitement and I'm excited for the summer to come so that I have more to blog about. Toodles my dears and God be with us until we blog again.


  1. jade you are hitting these posts out of the park! i simply cannot live up to these standards. i don't know if i will ever blog again. its too bad you didn't come over thats when the real fun began. am i right or am i right?? anywho i understand you're need to get crunk maybe next time.

  2. OUCH about the lump!!! ick!!!

    Love ya blog!! Very funny and very sweet!

  3. Yikes, your lip looks like crap! I'm sure it hurts like beotch as well. Hopefully you'll get it taken care of soon so you can leave some purdy lip stains on your bf's collar. Not to mention probably the lack of lip-lockin action because of so much pain, right? Well, you look darling anyway. Ciao.

  4. wow you are a mad blogger! might i say someone has a little too much time on her hands?! but yes Jade I really wish you had made it to the Lott/Messmer household afterwards cuz then you would have been privy to some saucy stories! A ha! buahaha! well, next time i guess. i sure do love you and miss you and don’t like capitalizing my letters. Peace. Love. Healing lips. Amen.

  5. Who is that dude in the yellow jacket?...