Love is in the Air....

It was an eventful day in the Silva/Peterson apartmenthold, we went wedding dress shopping. One of my very best friends Lori Peterson is getting married and we went with her to pick out her dress. I must say that her final choice is stunning and I cried a little when I saw her in it. She sealed the deal and then we went to Johnny Carino's to celebrate the momentous occasion. I'm so excited for the future Mrs. Cameron Wood! She is getting married September 3 and I'm so excited! Here is a preview of what ones she didn't choose and to see the lucky number you'll just have to come to the wedding. That is if you're invited, uhhhh awkward, moving on. We snapped this doozy in the process of the transaction, so excited!!!
The last of the Mochicans, the last single ladies of the group, soon to dwindle to 2!

She thought this was the one but it honestly doesn't compare to the one she bought. So gorgeous, isn't she just a blushing bride? Ok she will kill me if she read the stuff I'm writing but seriously I'm so excited. It's been just over a year since the last big friend wedding so it's now due time for another. Love you Lor and I can't wait for the big day!!!!


  1. Yay!! I had no idea she was even engaged!! How exciting!! :) Tell her congrats for me! (I got a new phone so I don't have her number anymore)

  2. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. there are several things that i really enjoyed about this post. i will share them with you now...
    1. any post from you is great indeed
    2. annette looking longingly at lori through the mirror
    3. your hand looks like a claw
    4. lori is getting married
    5. emily
    6. you referred to yourself as a "Mochican"

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  5. Ya what Jaclyn said... I agree

  6. A. I too love seeing Annette in the mirror.
    B. I am half reptile therefore the reason for the claw.
    C. I know I'm excited for the event
    D. Emily is a dream I only see her often but never forget her.
    E. I'm brown....Did you forget?

  7. I second or I guess third the motion set in forth by jaclyn and seconded by Emily. also, it indeed has been a long time since the last wedding especially for you seeing as you didn't make it to the last one..cough.. and sniff!

  8. Lara, I went to Jaclyn's wedding, remember May 3rd or something like that,