Jazz Game and a Day with Uncle Lane and Jade

So I feel like there hasn't been much going on for me to blog about. I mean in my sad unemployed life I really don't do much so in the last few weeks I've done a few things. Lane and I went to a JAZZ game! That was awesome they played the Sacramento Kings and WON! I saw my neighbor and friend D-Will, we exchanged nods, I mean we couldn't really talk because he was working but he acknowledged me. It was an awesome game with great fans (pictures will show.) We sat in Groove's (the company Lane works with) seats which were like 12th row! Everyone was life size and I saw me some mmmmm! Kyle Korver,Love him!

Now the fans....You know I've always heard that Jazz fans can get pretty crazy but seriously look at the guy above us, he is having so much fun he can barely contain himself.......hmmm about that.
Then there was this guy....... You would have thought that he was on the date with us. When I told a joke he laughed almost as hard as Lane. When Lane poked fun at me or anyone else he felt like chiming in. It was very interesting. You can't tell in this picture but he did over crowd my space a little too. I feel like we did him an injustice by cutting his nose of in the picture. Oh and that face I'm pulling is because Lane was making me just sit there and wouldn't take the picture and this was the face I was pulling most of the time when he would look at me through the corner of his beady eye.

Dear Mr. Man ,I hope the next Jazz game we go to you are there and we can reignite that bond we formed over your beer and our ice cream. Please join us again on our date sometime. Sincerely yours, Scurred out my mind

Next Event:

This psychedelic adventure happened yesterday. Meet the participants.....

Princess Avari, who was the bowling CHAMPION, beat both her brothers and uncle and me, AND won the GRAND PRIZE of cookies and candy, which I'm sure her mother loved!

Tate the Great- Who conspired with Lane to beat me, but lets face it Lane needed all the help he could get :)

and Mr. Grayson-Who tried to beat us all by manipulating the scores. What he didn't realized is that he actually made his little sister win!

These cute kids are part of the Luker clan and Lane's niece and nephews. I babysit for them every week so I've gotten to know them pretty well and I love them they are so cute. While their baby sister was in the hospital I watched them a lot and they were able to earn a date with me and Uncle Lane. The date included Fat Cats Bowling and pizza.

I thought I would try "motherhood" out by taking these three out on the town, lets just say I'm going to adopt when my kids are like 12 and can take care of themselves. They were so cute but after like an hour I was pooped and they were all wound up. That's what I think I'll start doing, have fun with them, give them sugar highs, and then send them back to their mom! I hear karma is a biznatch so like I said I'll adopt when their 12 and when they have sugar highs I'll just lock them in their rooms or sedate them. Ba ha I'm going to be a horrible mother. But in all seriousness many props to the moms out there I envy your energy and patience!

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