I wish.....

I wish that.....
- I was done with school
- people would update their blogs more often so that I could have something to look at. Rememer all I'm not employed.
- I didn't envy you all that are married. That's right I said it I want that ..... I think.
- I had kids, ok not really but yours are all so cute.
- I had a job that made a lot of money and required little work.
- I had this beauty. One day he will be mine his name is Tank.

- I had painted my nails today, I have a new color, "Hue are you"
- it didn't snow yesterday and the day before and that it was spring.
- I had my own house.

- I didn't have mounds of homework to do.

I'm glad I:
- have lots of friends and family to spend time with.
- went to sushi with the Cramer's last night even though the service was absolute CRAP!
- have a best friend..ahh......shut up.
- got my new iPhone! Yah!
- money well I kind of do.
- that I'm almost done with school! This is the last Fall Semester praise the good man!
- don't have to clean up poop from Tank!
- I get to scrapbook for money two things I love money and scrapbooking!
- all ten seasons of FRIENDS. It never lets me down.

I like to complain a lot but I truly am grateful for all the things that I do have.

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