Show Spoiler:If you are a fan of The Bachelor and have not watched Monday night's episode and the after show you will not want to continue reading. Please feel free to visit after and comment and agree with me about our dear bachelor Jason Mesnick.

As Americans we fell in LOVE with Jason last season on the Bachelor and were devestated when Deanna broke his heart. Ok, so I didn't watch last season but this is what I gathered, that is beside the point.

Here we have a single dad who is trying to find love not for the first, second, but Third time! We all feel for the eye candy of a bachelor but I can now say I am sooooo mad.

Listen Jason, you know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out on national television and you not did it once but twice!!! Who proposes and six weeks later breaks up with the cutest girl ever, Melissa, and then goes back to Molly?! I mean seriously!! Come on and I must say he is so unclassy. Who breaks up with their fiance, on national television to say the least, and then admits to being in love with another woman, AND THEN before Melissa's limo has pulled out of the studio you are macking on Molly? Oh and the whole, "I haven't talked to Molly since New Zealand," yeah we know you are lying, it's written all over your face.

To the once lovable Jason I wished you the best and now I just think you are the bastard that Melissa so nicely put you are.

And to Melissa nothing is wrong with you, you are great Molly and Jason just need to live their pathetic lives together. Unclassy, that's all I can say. Go team Melissa I hope you get your own show! I hope you find real love.

Signed, A disgruntled viewer

P.S. Melissa we think he stinks too!


  1. Ok, I know he is not the most popular guy on television right now but what if you were in his shoes. I mean I get what Melissa said about not trying hard enough when things get hard. Maybe he has lived in that fantasy world of dating for to long and forgot what its like to date just one girl and go out on real dates like a dinner and a movie. Maybe he really did want to marry Melissa at the time. But just like everything else in life, things and feelings change and there is nothing you can do about it. Don't you think its better he break it off and give her a chance to move on and find someone better for her, rather than leading her on for a year or two. Also, about the whole breaking up on television, I read in an interview that it was in his contract that he would have to breakup with her on television. I think if he had the choice he would have done it in private and more tastefully. I mean what if it was you, you made a mistake, and you realized that you love one person but also loved another one more. Do you think you could just settle when there is a possibility that this other person could make you so much happier? Its a very unfortunate situation this season on the Bachelor, but that's life, nothing goes the way you want it or expect it to. So, before judging Jason to hard realized that you have all made mistakes (some of us big mistakes)and the only difference is that he had to do them on national television. And Melissa I agree with Jade that nothing is wrong with you. Things happen for a reason and she will find someone that is perfect for her. As for Jason and Molly, I have nothing against them. If they are happy, then that is great. If its true love, that's even more amazing. Some people spend lifetimes searching for love and true love. Don't hate on people because they found love. I always put myself in other peoples shoes. What if it was me. What if I was Molly, I would be so happy to have another chance with the man I loved. I guess what I'm getting at is that we all just need to calm down, take a few deep breaths. Lets not jump to judging people to quickly, you wouldn't want people doing that to you. Peace, love, and I'm super excited for next seasons Bachelor! Go Jillian!(I love her and was hoping he would pick her.)- Emily

  2. Jade, I didn't watch it all season but caught the ending and was equally outraged! Not that I can put myself in his shoes, i just think he could have handled it better instead of breading both their hearts! I was sooo hoping Molly would dump his butt and he'd end up alone, is that heartless of me? even if she loved him she could have played a LITTLE harder to get after what he did to her...