This makes me happy

These four bags of cans of empty beer cans make me so happy.  You are probably asking yourself, "oh man, South Salt Lake has really gotten to this girl."

Remember the can man that I mentioned here?  Well he holds a pretty special place in my heart.  You see he is one of humble beginnings, I suppose, I've actually never said anything to him but good morning.  Any who, this man comes almost every morning with his shopping cart, jumps in our big dumpster and pulls out all the cans he can find, stuffs them into a large bag that hangs of the side of his cart and then moves onto the next trash can.

Lane and I noticed this a few months back and started sneaking his parent's bag of cans every Sunday and leaving them outside of the dumpster so he wouldn't have to jump in.  Over the past few weeks I've seen several bags of cans placed outside the garbage can that weren't put there by us.  And yesterday when I was coming home from work I noticed those four huge bags of can, my neighbors have noticed him too!

So if you guys have cans save them and start bringing them to my house!  I have know idea what he does with them, my thoughts are he recycles them and uses the money to support his family.

This guy isn't what you may think.  Everyone Lane and I tell this story to always ask him if we are scared of him.  He's the last person to be scared of with his big beautiful smile that shines every time he says good morning. Want to know my favorite part about him?  He is not embarrassed, he doesn't hide when we walk out to our cars, he always waves and says good morning.  Without fail.  And every day I'm humbled by him.

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