Target and babe

We registered this last weekend. We used registering as our date night and I became very aware of how difficult this can be. I mean honestly who wants to register for leather work gloves? Oh Lane. He does. I refuse to scan them. I told him if I couldn't use them then we weren't registering for them and then I proceeded to scan everything that I liked. That's how the night went until I just didn't care anymore, which was about 15 minutes into the whole process. We did register for some great things, the Perfect Brownie (Lane's idea, anything "As Seen on TV" he's all over) some great little knick knacks, and some much needed kitchenware. After 3 hours, circling the troops numerous times, and 63 items later we finished. It was exhausting but very exciting! We're getting married in 2 months and 1 day and it won't come soon enough. I sure love that boy.Now this pic is just too great not to post. Courtesy of my 8 year-old niece Reina. Reina snapped this shot of me and baby Ana the day she arrived home from the hospital. She is so beautiful. She is a tiny babe with lots of black hair. She has two sets of beautiful little dimples and I'm pretty sure she told me I was her favorite via cry. Terina and Etu sure do make some genetically sound children. I hope our kids are as cute as theirs. Our families have never on the short end of the stick with pretty children, hopefully Lane and I will continue with the tradition!


  1. not that i would know, but i agree with your method of registry: only going on the list if i like it!!

  2. Sarah it really is the greatest thing. I get married every five years if I could get the presents!