Lessons Learned...

So over the last couple of weeks I have learned some of life's greatest lessons and I would feel selfish if I neglected to pass them along to you...

Lesson #1 Never trust a cable man.
Comcast Cable could quite possibly be the worst at keeping their commitments! Honestly they do NOT value their customers and I'm unsure how they continue to be a leading provider in the TV world. Who says that waiting for 6 weeks isn't acceptable these days?!

Lesson #2 Weddings are stressful.
I think I will elope, in fact that might even be too much work I might just start telling people I got married and avoid all things wedding. Lori's wedding was so beautiful but I saw all the work that went in to it and um yeah I'll pass. I will not however pass on the pretty shiny diamond. I must mention this just in case a certain someone reads this and gets any crazy ideas.

Lesson #3 If not hydrated it will die.
Hydrangeas are awful at keeping their liveliness, if not watered they will wilt and die.

Lesson #4 Good friends equal one hand.
As we grow older I have learned that good, true friends can be counted on one hand. I however, am lucky enough that I have a full hand when others may only have half a hand. Err... uh yeah you get what I mean. Many thanks to my fingers, Lori, Jaclyn, Kellee, Emily and Lara. You guys are so freaking great.

Lesson #5 Despite some, the internet is not a thing of the past.
I am dying without my internet. Nuff said.

Lesson #6 Random run ins with fellow blog stalked is awkward.
Yeah I pretended I didn't know you but I do! I know what shows you like and all the funny things you say. In fact, I really think we are two peas in a pod. Yes this sounds creepy but some may agree that even though we haven't met we should really be friends. I mean honestly when I read your blog and laugh out loud, and that doesn't happen with just anyone.

Lesson #7 An apple a day won't keep me away.
I bought an iMac and I am now utterly in love. She is beautiful and white and large, please don't mention this around her she's very self concious. And people thought I would never love something white. Pssh.

Lesson #8 Thou shalt not rambleth.
Focus on short posts, it will leave your readers wanting more. I love you all and I will post more when I rejoin the technology age and those damn cable guys come fix me up right.


  1. Good post jade....I just wanted to say weddings aren't stressful at all! If you know what you're doing! Mine was a breeze....!

  2. I will have you know i'm hurt that all you had to say about my wedding was that it was stressful and that it made you not want to have a wedding. no pictures were posted... nothing not even that it was beautiful. sad

  3. False!!! I said that it was beautiful and I loved it but it was very stressful!!!! I love you and Cameron and your wedding!!

  4. I loved it the most. more than all of them. I thought you were the most beautifulest.