Long over due...

Like all of my posts I put the picture disclaimer up. I have been really bad at blogging so every time I do, I try and recap for the previous month with the old saying, "pictures speak louder than words." Well my pictures must speak volumes because there are like 1,200 but its ok. So since the last time I posted I...
- got a new job
- went on a 9 day road trip
- had a bbq
- threw a bridal shower
- started school
Not in that particular order but I think you catch my drift. By the next time I blog I will have...
- gone to my best friend's wedding and sadly had the thought that there are only 2 single girls left :(
- skipped some sort of homework assignment
- started to decorate my new apartment
Again those are not in any particular order. Enjoy the pictures :)

We enjoyed a Nygren family fun day on the 24th of July. I tried to remember my Mexican/Maori ancestors as they trekked across the plains to Utah, oh wait..
The soon to be Lori Ann Peterson Wood! Only 3 more days!

The beginning of our road trip. We started in SLC obviously and made our way to Missoula and had dinner.
On our first night we slept behind a golf course on an air mattress that was an adventure hence the hair do. We stopped at the Cooley Dam.

After 12 hours of driving we arrived at our first destination, Spokane! We stopped at Riverfront Park and it just happened to be a free community fun day so we rode tandum bikes, played tennis, and got a snow cone all for FREE!!! Ok not the snowcone but the two other things.

We got finally got to Seattle! We felt the need to mix with all the indies in Seattle so we all got new glasses.

Shopping at Pike's Place

The fish market at Pikes. Notice the guy in the background, yeah he's totally trying to sneak a peek at my butt! Pervert.
Sunset at Deception Bridge

On top of some mountain in Anacortes overlooking the San Juan islands.

Seattle skyline at night, so beautiful, the skyline was ok too :)

We went to Cannon Beach to see where the Goonies set sail and I could resist my urge to smoke, bubble gum cigars that is. This definitely took be back to when I was a kid.

Driving down the Oregon Coast.

You can't go to Oregon and not go to the Tillamook cheese factory. Tillamook ice cream sooo good! Here's a random fact, did you know that it takes 15 months to age a block of cheese at the Tillamook factory? As if you didn't have enough useless facts tack that one onto your list of useless nothings.
Last day on the trip coming home. This is at the Malad Gorge State Park. Nevermind the messy hair and no make-up we'd been in the car for like 12 hours!

Many thanks to the Ethington's for the invite and for hooking us up with the great ideas. I'm glad to say that I'm home and able to enjoy what real summer weather is suppose to be like. Oregon and Washington's definition of summer are much different than mine, 75 degrees and cloudy are not what I define as warm summer weather so to say the least I'm glad to see the sunshine with the temps in the 90's!

Until next time when I can speak the infamous words of, it's been so long since I blogged and beware of picture overload!

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  1. Sounds like a busy and fun summer for you. Did you by chance drive through Burley and not call? Ahhhh, well one day i'll see Miss Jade again...hopefully soon:)