Continuing last night's post...

Like I said last night there is much that needs to be blogged about. I dedicate the first portion of this post to the two love kittens pictured below. One of my very best friends Lori Ann Peterson is officially engaged to her sweet loveness Cameron Wood. I don't want to steal her thunder so allow me to say this, they got engaged on June 13, 2009 in Lake Powell, it doesn't get better than that. Beautiful Lake Powell and a day before my birthday? Pretty much awesome. Many congratulations and loves to those two!!!!
The Beginning of My Birthday Celebration Weekend....
That's right folks I did say weekend. On Friday night Lane and I went to the Entrepreneur of the Year awards dinner at the Salt Palace. Some of you may be thinking wait seriously? You call that a celebration? I do when I get to be with my McDreamy, wear pretty black dresses, eat delicious gourmet cooked meals, find out your best friend is getting married, and all for free! That's like a dream come true! Many props to Brad Bruschke who hooked us up with the tickets. I must say that it helped me realize that all entrepreneurs go through a very rough patch which were actually brownie points for Lane. After dinner we went and watched, "He's just not that into you" with our fabulous friends the Cramer's. I'm pretty sure that Lane was on his death bed during the movie. We got to the car and he turned to me and said, "I haaaaaaate chick flicks." Bahaha the things that he suffers for me all because it was close to my birthday.

Saturday was part 2 of 3 of the birthday bash. I met up with Lane at his house where he had 2 dozen beautiful roses for me as well as a kick A gift. He bought me a new tennis racket and tennis balls. I was stoked. Any of you who know me know that I'm pretty difficult to shop for and I don't divulge much information about what I would like but he was very attentive and knew that I wanted a racket. One point for him. BTW I text my mom and told her what he had given me and her response was, "Oh cool, now you can spank him." I'm sorry.....um mom what was that? She felt it necessary to call and clarify that I could spank him in tennis now. Hey thanks for the clarification mom! We went to Ogden and went rock climbing and had lunch at Costa Vida. I was totally gross by the end but it was my first time and I had so much fun!

After rock climbing and the beautiful metropolis of Ogden we came home and got ready to go to dinner. We went to Benihana's for dinner. I had mentioned to Lane the night before that we should go there because I heard it was good. He told me just before we left for dinner that we were going there and that he had already planned on going there before I said anything. To prove that he wasn't just making it up he told me I could look at his "Operation Bubble Gum" notebook that had all his birthday ideas for me in it. So cute. Anywho 1 more point for him.

We finished dinner and hurried off to the JSMB to watch the Joseph Smith movie which was really good even if I watched parts of it with one eye open, I was really sleepy. But seriously it was awesome and when it was finished we ended up in front of this beautiful building. Everyone had pretty much left for the night because it was so late so we mostly had Temple Square to ourselves which was awesome. We ran into a little family that took this picture for us and the dad wasn't quite sure what to say other than, "So...uh...do you guys uh you know....have any uh....you know....plans?" We weren't sure what he was talking about and then realized he was asking us about marriage. That's when Lane got on one knee and told me he loved me and proposed! BAHAHA I KIDD I KIDD! WE DID NOT GET ENGAGED! I had to bold that just in case. It was a beautiful sight I must say two fine looking people in front of that beautiful building!!! We topped the night off by taking a couple more pictures and then going to the Ethington's house to watch a movie and drool over Lori's ring.

Sunday Part 3 of 3, my actual birthday. I'm so mad I don't have one good picture from Sunday. Lane and I were all pictured out! We went to my mom's house where we celebrated my birthday by overstuffing ourselves and hanging out with my family. Before we left the mister presented me with another beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sure do love that one. My family also got me awesome gifts props to the fam bam. They spoiled me and got me a bunch of much needed scrapbooking supplies. My sister and I rattled off terms that no one had any clue about so we decided to stop because it was just getting plain awkward. We finished the night off with me studying for a test and him packing his bag so he could leave me for another week. I know, he's so bad to me, leaving me all alone for weeks at a time.

I know that was really long but totally worth reading right? Before I sign off let me just say that I have an AMAZING family whom I love very much and a FANTASTIC boyfriend who hit it spot on this year.

Until next time my my blog admiring love muffins......


  1. wow jade. you really are spoiled! what a good boyfriend you have! I'm glad to hear it though. you deserve it. love you muffin!