2009 vs. Me

So I must say 2009 has not been so great to me.  Hopefully you've had a better year than I have so far.....

January 6, 2009
     I mean seriously I had a good six days before I crashed my car.  Yup that's right crashed my little black baby into a pole and jacked it up!  Yes, car repair man says,"oh yeah count on us having it for a few weeks!!!"  WHAT?!  Seriously, well thanks mommy and thanks Puerto Rico because thats why I have her car!  Oh yes and did I fail to mention I ruined my one favorite new toy my iPhone right before the crash?  Not a good day for me. 2009-2 me-0.

January 19, 2009
Apparently the Barn isn't doing so well so they are going to "restructure" this means lay-offs and guess who was the last one hired, you betcha it was me :(  Bye bye Barn, bye bye discount.  It's not official but I heard it through the grapevine.  Real cool.  So you know what this may quite possibly mean as well?  Bye bye spring semester Jade has to be a grown up and find a new job and most people won't work with her crappy availability.  Graduation you were looking so close and now you've turned a corner and I can no longer see you.  Oh and remember my previous post entitled, "Man Down".  I took that little black beauty in and her wireless card is out, it didn't cost me anything except for time, guess how long?  You got it, a few weeks. 2009-5 me-0

January 20, 2009
This is today.  My water is turned off due to a water pipe breakage like 3 weeks ago and guess what I have to pee and can't.  I know you didn't all want to know that but seriously can I catch a freaking break?! 2009-6 me-still 0.  Ok but now I'm feeling really negative so here is a point to me I'm healthy and I'm losing weight and I had a really good hair day yesterday.  Take that 2009.  2009-6 me-3.  I'm catching up.

Seriously all I can do is laugh because it can only get better right?!  Well lets hope so.  I keep telling myself always trials before the blessings.  But seriously for the love!  God Bless America and you all.  I'll keep you posted!

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