A Love Poem

On Valentine's Day I left for work as usual but forgot my computer, so I rushed home around 11 to pick up the computer and to leave a little gift for my sweet. I walked into my house and could hear the shower on. I walk into my bedroom to find a warm bed, you know as if someone (I won't mention names but, I do only sleep with one man) had just gotten out of it. Later that morning I received this love poem from the mister.

I know you are sad, I know you are mad,
I'm really sorry I made you feel bad.
You see I had the right to choose and therefore I hit snooze.
As I laid in bed I though mmmmh this feels nice.
If I hit the snooze once then why not hit it twice?
As I slipped in and out of a sweet sleep,
I had flashback of stories like little Bo Peep.
Then all at once a terrible sound,
came through my ears to my brain with a pound
A toot like a horn sounded out through the breeze.
I thought to myself now what could that be?
Then in a snap it was plain indeed,
the toot in the breeze was a Mazda 3.
I jumped from the sheets straight into the shower.
If caught in my bed a such a later hour
My moose would raise her brow til I cowered.
So you see I am sorry from the depths of my heart,
cause I love you moose from the end to the start.
I hope you forgive me and love me real soon.
Even though I'm a sleepy bafoon.

The poem was also accompanied with two dozen roses hand delivered to my work and a delicious meal at Buca de Beppo, so who wouldn't forgive the kid who slept in and missed school?

Although, I'm fairly certain in another life he was either a poet or a rap star, he definitely looks the part.

Speaking of another life, the other day I was at Wal-Mart and as I was walking out I said to the greeter, "Thanks for coming in." Wait. What? Apparently in my other life I wanted to work at Wally world.

Hope everyone had a good Monday, I know they can often be dreadful.


  1. how cute is he? he should take up writing he is quite talented.as are you. in fact, you two should write together

  2. Jade I miss you! You are freakin Hilarious I love it!