The land of the unpleasantry

We made it back from the devil's playground losing only, $5 and only some, of our innocence. We had a really great time watching my sister Terina and her husband Etu play some serious knock down, drag out rugby, hanging out with the fam and relaxing and enjoying the sunny weather.

However, the highlight of the trip was visiting the shop where Pawn Stars is filmed. Never heard of it? Well join the club because I hadn't either but, my little sis insisted that we HAD to go to the pawn shop. It's a show about, you guessed it, a pawn store. She was very excited to see the star Chum Lee who is apparently a very handsome guy, click here to see his pic.

Did you see him? Hot huh? Well not so much my cup of tea but to each his own.

As we waited in line, (yes we waited in a line to go and look at old stuff) my mother and I filmed this video.....

Isn't my mom hilarious?! She loves the Porn Shop!!! The first time she told me she wanted to go to the place where the pawn/porn show was filmed I about died of laughter! Gotta a love her and her sweet accent. I watch that video every time I need to smile.

Vegas in a nut shell.....
**DISCLAIMER- My other cute niece Reina, isn't in any of these photos because she refused to take any photos on anything but iFatFace.

We got a quick reality check when we left 70 degree Vegas weather to come home to the 5 ft. of snow.

WTF? Why the face? (If you get that joke, I think you're ten times cooler now!)

What a punch in the face.

Any who, I must say that I've been doing a fantastic job with my New Year's resolution of blogging more. I'm just sayin.

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