My oh my, how the time has flown. We've celebrated the birth of our country, riled in fury of a rodeo clown, posed in front of CPK for all to ridicule my wonderful good looks (pics to follow), celebrate mi ol' padre's dia, tramped through the water and caught fish with my bare hands, well I was actually on the shore with a pole but really, it's the same thing right? Also I would like to wrap this brief love story of the Nygren family fun day up in East Canyon. Me v. Hiking: Result Hiking 1 Me 0. Me no likey.

Don't be scurred Moo, it's just Poppy.

I fit right in don't you think?
Well my little hoodrats that is all for now, when something exciting happens I will let you know. Oh silly me, I'm moving!!! I found an apt! I sign the lease tomorrow!

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  1. seriously Jade I need details! Where is this new apt? anyway that picture of you in front of CPK is simply breathtaking. It really is spectacular. I'd like a blown up copy myself. you and Lane and his fam and your dad and fishing.. all very cute. You are so grown up.