Jaclyn This is Dedicated to You

DISCLAIMER: This is for you, you know which parts.....

Oh man this one's going to be a novel. I realized today that I'm really bugged when my "friends" don't update their blogs, I mean I like to be in the know and I know a lot can happen in two weeks I mean people can break bones, get engaged, FINALLY have their babies, I just like to know what's going on with my friends. So here is a running tally of all six things I've done in the past two weeks. I know, my life is eventful.

1. My family and I went to my bro-in-laws rugby game where they qualified for Nationals, GO STEELERS! That was really exciting Tehas here they come! Here are a few pics to document the occasion....Please pay careful attention to the massiveness that is my brother-in-law and his team. Pretty sure they'll walk with the championship based on their looks alone they are like big brown monsters, these pictures really don't show how unhumanly (yes that's a word) large they are. Go #19 he's on our team!

Kyra tried to take pictures of me and I put on my best creeper face and she was getting mad so I said ok ok lets take for real pictures, ummm apparently she didn't get the memo.

#2 I acted like a weirdo more than 48 times this week, which in my book accounts for a successful week. Just a small documentation for hard evidence.
#3 Rededicated myself to my love of Bath & Body's C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine. It is wonderful. Also, I converted these to chickies to it as well. I later found my bag rummaged through and all I was missing was some gum and my lip gloss. These were the guilty culprits.

#4 I had a day out with the niece and nephew. We got their mother's day gift and went to Red Mango, it was delish. They had their pictures taken for about and hour so to get them to smile was like stealing candy from a fat kid. I can say that, I was a fat kid. This was the best I got....

#5 I became and orphan. Lane left me for a week for work so I haven't left my mom's house since Friday. We played a softball game and then I hung out with these little kiddie winks. We built a fort. Like I said I'm an orphan and they are scared puppy dogs. Don't judge me I felt the need to dress the part, all the way down to the no make-up and greasy hair.

These are Ri's GLUBS. He had to have them on all night it was the weirdest thing. He wanted to glubs on so you could see his bones. Ok weirdo. Children after my own heart I must say.
#6 Celebrated Mother's Day. The lovely and talented Tiffany Ericksen took the kids pics for Mother's Day and that was our gift to my sister and my motha. Then we totally went to church...or not. I tried to convince my mom by tempting her with the lovely carnation they give the moms but she saw right through my 30 cent trick.
We just hung out all day with the fam bam and ate way too much, Weight Watchers here I come. I felt the need to dress up for the occasion in something nice so I rustled up some of my little sister's clothes and turned up with this beautiful number. I must say it might just be my new favorite outfit. This was successful moment #48.
Among other things that I accomplished. A- I kind of finished the semester. You see it ended on Friday unofficially yet I can't see to finish up the homework for one freaking class and it's killing me! My teacher keeps extending the deadline which means I continue to procrastinate. Like -right now I'm suppose to be typing a paper. B-I went out to dinner with my real friend Jaclyn and she got the best DDP of her life and it only cost $1.82 which I almost got refunded. We shoulda took the money and ran. C-I have been living at my mom's house because like I said I'm an orphan. My question is why did I ever move out? I like my mom she likes me, she gives me lots of attention because I don't come down a lot, she cooks delicious meals, she is probably one of the funniest people I know, oh and everything is free. I say bag getting married I'm just going to live at my mom's for my life. Ok well that's all for now my dear peeps, if you've made it this far then you get a golden button which I will provide when you visit again. Hidey Hoe Neighbors.

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  1. wow Jade. Did you just end that post with a quote from Home Improvement? wow. you are pretty awesome and i know what you mean about living at home! Don't worry, you still get to go enjoy mom's cooking when you're mawwied.