Swank Dinner Parties and Pretty Dresses....

So on Saturday night Lane and I and some of our friends went to a fundraiser for Camp Kastopolus at La Caille. It was way fun. It was a black tie was optional which meant yes for me. I mean seriously give me a reason to put on a sexy black dress and I'm there. Unless it's house calls cause that could just get awkward! Anywho....there was a silent auction where I bid on nothing because lets face it as much as I love the kids I have no money :( Lane won a beautifully inspired Timpanogos Mountain book. It has beautiful pictures and quotes. I'm trying to make it sound cool but in all reality Chase (pictured below) got Lane's auction number and wrote it down and low and behold no one wanted to beat Lane's $32 bid price (watch out now) so he won it. Ba ha. I knew I always liked that kid. We sat at the Nok Inc. table and had a grand time sipping bubbly and mingling with rich folk.
Me and Chase. He went solo that night so I made him one of my dates :)

Part of the NOK Inc. crew. I'm pretty sure this is going to overcome my life this summer and the rest of forever!

I chased a peacock. I think it was getting pissed but I was determined to get a picture with it.

I was so hungry!! This is my mad hungry face and this picture is courtesy of Barrett.

The rest of the crew, Barrett, JoAnna, and Charlie

What it would be like to be rich and wine and dine like that all the time. I'm not back to reality, back to my stupid ol jeans and boring shirts. :( On the plus side that black dress I bought yeah it was a size 4! No kidding. Ask me to squeeze into anything else that's a size 4 and I'll tell you where to go, but this dress fit like a charm!


  1. ba ha! I love you. and anytime you'd like me to join you in the high life I'm in.

  2. um i'm sorry but uh....your first picture you have a pretty little blingy thing on your left hand....explain please;)