Baptism, Blessing, and Some Good Mormon Fun!

Well it was quite the eventful weekend around these parts. The Luker family had a bunch to celebrate, Gray got baptized and confirmed on Saturday and baby Bella was blessed on Sunday. On Saturday after the baptism we had a big luncheon and played games and what not. Lane and I had a free throw shootout and to say the least I whooped him 4 of the 5 games. Bwhahaha. Here are a couple pics from the festivities.

Grayson and Uncle Lane

Me and Grayson at the Luncheon

Me and Avari

Bella's blessing. I'm not sure where she is but here are me and Av's

On Sunday after the blessing we went down to my family's house for dinner. After filling up on my mama's good cooking we watched a little American Idol, where I inadvertently made fun of a blind guy. I seriously had no idea he was blind. Then we played some homemade games, and by homemade I mean Ri and Reina made up games where they were the only ones who could score points and the only ones who could win the game.

Ri's Game face

Piggyback rides

After the Mormon beating

In light of the sabbath we played the most quiet reverent game you can on Sunday, Mormon leg wrestle. Freak this game is hilarious! It started with me and Lane and the kiddies and quickly became a family event. If there is any competition my family is there and talking trash. I'd just like to say that I beat most of my competitors which include Ri the 4 year old, Reina the 7 year old, my motha, and my little sister. I was quickly flipped by my sister with freakishly strong legs and Lane who let's me honest I had to let him win at something :) For reals it was hilarious to watch, seriously who does this anymore, just slap a sticker on us that says Mexicano Pioneer and call it good. Just a little DISCLAIMER do yourself a favor and don't participate in this game on a full stomach or one of gas. Luckily we didn't have to learn the hard way....Luckily. Here are a few pics.

Flipping Mom

Getting flipped by the big sis
Hopefully I can get the videos to upload they're pretty good.


  1. several things i noticed while reading and or watching this post.
    a: you are looking very thin
    b: i like how you immediatly had to fix your hair after the mexican wrestling
    c: i wrap you up and put you in a basket
    d: you're blond children are looking more and more like you every day
    e: i miss your fam
    f: i kinda miss you
    g: ive only met lane once
    h: remember lambs meat?
    i: do you still want to name your son dry ice?
    j: the end

  2. hahah! Oh how I miss thee! and jaclyn too after reading her comment! let's have a party!

  3. I am very interested in you doing some pages for me if you are up to it. my email is melindaharward@yahoo if you want to send me some pictures of pages you have done. I live in California now so I would have to email you or mail you my pictures!