Happy Birthday to you!

To my Dear friend Jaclyn,
      A.  Payback is a beast so I hope you enjoy your picture B.  Is she really this crazy?  Yes well if you know her then you can have your opinions and if you don't then don't say anything or I will beat you up.  Yes people did at one point fear me.  Anywho to my friend Jaclyn, our story actually goes way back before we were even alive back to our pre-mortal lives where in heaven we decided to become best friends.  We have been friends for almost 10 years and I must say I do feel old but it has been a grand 10 years and in another 10 years I'll have another fabulous picture to post of you, I will try and get one when your 9 months preggers and your belly is hanging out with a can of something in your hand :)  Anywho we may not see each other very much since you've entered the world of marriage and I stayed in the world of singlehood and I moved to the fast paced city (yeah I live in Salt Lake) and you live in Orem but you are still and will forever be my pre-mortal friend.  You know you've found a best friend for life when you don't see them for 3 months and when you finally do it's like nothing has ever changed.  Jac I love you and hope you had a super birthday even if you did have to watch Survivor Man.  


  1. oy do i love this pic. says so much about me. pre mortal friends for life silva.

  2. bwaahahah! Happy Birthday jaclyn and I love you both!